First Few Days in Lima

Well, I made it to Lima with my backpack and little guitar (for those musicians out there, it is technically a guitarlele, a ukelele with six strings)!!  This city is absolutely unreal.  For starters, in the winter, it is always cloudy but it never rains.  The Peruvians say it is cold but it is rather mild, at least this year.  Then, the traffic.  Every taxi driver I have had has said this city is chatico! They don´t really follow the rules, but somehow are all able to get where they are going.  It is a little dirty and loud, and somewhat intimidating from one´s first encounter.



However, underneath the grit is a gem of a city.  The people here are amazing.  Every person I have met is incredibly kind and understanding of my slightly less than perfect Spanish.  They all are excited for me to try their food, to experience their culture and to explore their city, in a manner very different from other cities I have visited.  They are all curious as to why I am in Lima and love that I am curoius about their lives.  It is truly a strange yet amazing city. And the food is so good! Oh, chivimoya (a jungle fruit unlike any other I have had), chicha morada (a Peruvian told me that it is ´corn water´but tastes 100x better than that sounds to an English speaker), anticuchos (grilled beef heart) and pasteles con frutas Peruanas (deserts, all made with local fruits that are too tasty to believe).  Lima is truly a gastronomical giant.



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