CLE (aka Cleveland)

A few months ago, my friend Laura asked me if I would want to visit her hometown in Cleveland. Despite some (wrong) ideas about what Cleveland was like, I agreed to go, and learned that Cleveland is a real gem of a city, one that is coming back to life as we speak.

Laura and my roommate Danny (who is also from Cleveland) started me off with Cedar Point. They kept building and building it up, and it surpassed all my expectations! We had a blast flying 93 mph down the Millenium Force, taking a 95 degree drop on the Maverick, and hanging 200 feet in the air over the drop on the Valravn! The coasters were crazy and we had a blast speeding down the metal rails all day long.

The next day, Laura and I explored the cultural side of Cleveland. That meant we went down to the Cleveland art museum, Little Italy, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Danny met us later in the day, and the three of us ended up at Melt, where I got a deep fried grilled cheese sandwich with powdered sugar and a berry dipping sauce. What, who would eat that, you may ask? I would. Delicious. 

Laura and I finished off our trip with a few more food stops. We went to Laura’s favorite ice cream shop with her friend Taylor.  Honey Hur serves amazing ice cream made with real honey and real flavors that just melted over your tongue with every bite. Our last stop was the Cleveland market, where we got gyros and crepes and gawked over candies, breads, meats, and cheeses.  

Cleveland, contrary to popular opinion, is a crazy cool city. Yeah, it’s had a bit of a rough patch, but the new city center paired with the old CLE culture gives the place both a homey and a hip vibe. The foods awesome, the attractions are world class, and the city is open, waiting to transform its next visitor. And to top it off, I got to spend loads of time with some of my best friends, making my time in Cleveland one I won’t forget. 

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