After a few days in Oslo, René and I packed our bags and headed to Copenhagen, or as the Danish spell it, København. But, before we left, I did get a chance to meet a cousin! He is a professor at a university in Norway and we hung out with his 8 month old son before I packed up my backpack and little guitar to head to Denmark!

We get settled in, watched some EuroCup 2016 games, and then hit København in the morning. We started off visiting the Little Mermaid, a famous statue sitting off the shore in the bay. René and I then walked around the city, passing through huge gardens and parks, through old, tiny cobblestone streets, and through small picturesque canals. We stopped at the Danish National Museum of Art, enjoying both classical and contemporary works in the center of a beautiful city.

Our second day, we took it a little easier, sticking to a small section of downtown. We explored Thorvaldsens Museum, which was focused on a Danish sculptor’s incredible Greco-Roman inspired marble works. We sat by a canal for a bit, people watching, bike watching, and boat watching. And we briefly explored Christiania, a sort of ‘free city’ in the center of Copenhagen.

And… We ate. Some great food! Mainly a Danish dish called smørrebrød, which is a kind of open faced sandwich on rye bread. We got it with beef and salmon, herring and pork. We also got some good burgers and good beer at some local places (apparently Scandinavians love burgers, hot dogs, and pizza – and oddly, 7-11?). Delicious food: René and I were thoroughly impressed.

Tomorrow, we are off to Stockholm. But the magic of København has astounded us, for it is a city of history and culture, of Europe and Scandinavia, of high class and simple people, and of kind, warm, happy folks. As always, it is a little sad to leave a new city, but alas, Sweden awaits us!

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