For Spring Break, my friend Dileep and I decided to do a quick backpacking trip out in Guadalupe Mountains National Park! After driving out into remote West Texas, we caught sight of the mountains standing tall against the vast desert floor. We made it to the park, packed our bags, and headed out to the trails! As you can tell, we were pretty excited to get going! 

We hiked around a few mountins, climbing up and up the ridge. Thankfully, the weather was great (except for a little wind) and the trails were easy to follow, so we really enjoyed roaming around the desert. 

4.2 miles later, we made it to our campsite! At Pine Top, we set up our tent, ate some food, and relaxed, gazing upon the vast desert valley below us. It was quiet and cool up there with incredible views in every direction! 

Rinse and repeat. The next morning, we woke up with the sun, packed our stuff, and headed back down. We were lucky enough to catch the sunrise as we began hiking down. Both of us stood in awe as the orange and red light painted the landscape below us, pushing shadows back into the ground as the sun steadily crept over us. A few hours later, we were back at the bottom, tired by the hike but energized by the opportunity to spend time in the wilderness, the quiet musings of nature, and get in touch with our inner mountain man if only for a few hours! GUMO, we will be back!

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